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Eastern Europe Makes Its Presence Known on the Global IT Scene

April 22, 2009

When it comes to exporting IT services India remains the powerhouse with $17.7 billion in exports during 2006 (the closet contender was China with $3.6 billion in exports).  But other regions in the world are catching up.  American and European executives are becoming frustrated with the quality of work performed by Indian IT workers and the high turnover rates.  The geographic and cultural proximity of Eastern Europe is increasingly attractive to European and American employers who not only want low costs but also long-term partnerships and value for their money.

Russia, for example, has seen an increase in software development exports from $352 million in 2002 to almost $1 billion in 2005.  While the salaries of Russian IT workers are generally higher than IT workers in India for entry-level work, the salaries of workers from both countries are comparable for higher tech projects.  Salaries for IT workers in India start low, but as soon as a company asks for a certain level of experience or expertise, the costs increase dramatically.  Moreover, Indian IT firms are notorious for high turnover rates.  If an American or European company is planning to work with an offshore IT firm on a long or complicated project, partnering with a firm in Eastern Europe may be a wise investment.  Ultimately an employer wants somebody who will be able to problem solve, analyze the situation and stick with the project until the end. 

Sometimes it is a smart move to work with a freelance programmer or software developer instead of a firm.  Online networking sites such as provide a forum where employers can post jobs and receive quotes from a variety of freelancers before making their decision.  Databases of skilled designers, programmers and analysts allow employers to search for someone who specifically meets their IT needs.  If an employer opts to go the freelance route, most IT workers are easily paid through Paypal or other electronic transfer services. 

Any decision to outsource a company’s IT department should start with a detailed inventory of how your company could benefit from offshore IT services. When choosing the firm or freelancer that is right for you, you will need to investigate the provider’s educational background, work history and skills specifically suited to the task at hand.  Can they provide you with reliable references?  Do they have a wide range of services and a general knowledge of business?  Will they be able to adapt and problem solve when it comes to getting your project done they way you want it?  Ultimately, location will play a part when it comes time to pick the IT freelancer or firm that is right for you.  



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