Registration for East European High Tech IT Professionals

1. How does HighTechHire work?

HighTechHire allows employers (service buyers) to post freelance projects and (or) full-time jobs to find and hire east European high-tech professionals (programmers, web designers, flash and graphic designers, software developers, cartoonists or illustrators, chemical engineers, architects, videographers, system administrators and other highly-skilled and affordable IT specialists).

High-tech professionals from Eastern Europe who are looking for remote freelance, part-time or full-time office work are able to search published projects/vacancies and offer their services or express an interest in a specific project/job published by a registered service buyer.

Once users register, they get access to a powerful HighTechHire search system that can be effectively utilized to find the best match for a given job/project. After the registration, employers can easily post multiple projects and vacancies in seconds and track how many freelancers actually viewed their freelance projects and job openings. Employers and freelancers can communicate using an integrated messaging system.

2. What makes this website unique?

Unlike many other websites that connect service buyers with service providers, HighTechHire focuses on east European high-tech and IT professionals that have outstanding technical skills and affordable rates.

This website is free to use. Our search system allows to find professionals using extensive search criteria (area of expertise, salary, age, location, experience, language skills, travel preferences, etc). Employers can post unlimited number of vacancies and projects as well as track the number of views, receive messages and quotes from registered freelancers, build a list of favorite freelancers and staff. Freelancers have an option to publish their portfolio items on their profile pages.

3. How do I register with HighTechHire?

Go to the home page and choose either Employer Registration (Post a Job/Project) or Professional Registration (Post a Resume/Profile). Follow 4 easy registration steps and fill out the form in English. Your email address must be valid to use this website. Make sure you get to the activation page, review your information and click "Activate My Account" button.

4. How do freelancers and employers communicate?

To contact another user, you can send him/her a private message from his/her profile page or use the preferred contact method specified by the user in his/her profile.

5. Can east European professionals post their resumes if they currently reside overseas?

Yes, they can. As long as they are coming from Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia or Ukraine, they can register as professionals. In addition, freelancers from other European countries can register on this website and offer their services.

6. Can I post multiple jobs with one user account?

Yes you can. Employers (service buyers) can post as many job openings or projects as they wish using one registered user account. In addition, they can track the number of views for each vacancy/project and add professionals to their list of favorite profiles for future reference.

7. What to do if my skill area is not listed in the registration categories?

If during registration you find that your area of expertise or skill is not listed in one of the main high-tech categories, please email us at, and we will work on introducing a new category to accommodate your needs.

8. What does it mean to have a PRO or PAY icon appear next to my job/profile link?

Small icons PRO (for freelancers) and PAY (for employers/service buyers) mean that this listing is a sponsored/featured posting. Any registered user can get this type of posting by paying a fee. Sponsored/featured listings allow to get the maximum exposure on, since they appear on the home page and on top of all searches.


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