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Office Assistant

... Part-time job (telecommute)
11$-15$ per hour EXPIRED

iOS and Android Developer

We are looking for two developers *one Android and one iOS, We are are developers and we need someone to help us helding our ... Full-time job (telecommute)
6$-8$ per hour EXPIRED

WordPress Developer and Design

Hi, *** PLEASE ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS TO BE CONSIDERED *** 1) Do you have experience with WordPress? 2) What’s your s... Full-time job (telecommute)
9$-10$ per hour EXPIRED

Data Entry Statement

We need specific data from bank statements entered into our preformatted Excel spreadsheets. The data entry person will have ... Freelance project (telecommute)
Between $110 and $500 EXPIRED

Lead programmer

We want to hire a highly motivated and self-reliant programmer to work on an in-development game for PC (other platforms poss... Full-time job (telecommute)
6$-8$ per hour EXPIRED

OS Android

Dear ROMAN We want to hire a Dedicated team, I have test for Sen. android programmer, we have to hire 2 or more low level se... Full-time job (telecommute)
over 26$ per hour EXPIRED

Software Engineer

To develop based on designs iOS app.... Full-time job (telecommute)
3$-5$ per hour EXPIRED


... Part-time job (telecommute)
11$-15$ per hour EXPIRED

Web design partner

we are looking for a web design parnter; 20h/week minimum and up to 60h/week during busy times. Required skills: HTML/CSS/Jav... Part-time job (telecommute)
16$-20$ per hour EXPIRED

Android Developer

Looking for Android Developer. ... Freelance project (telecommute)
Between $20 and $50 EXPIRED
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