SharePoint Developer

Job ID: 3303
Full-time job (in office)
Approximate salary: over 26$ per hour
Location: Rome, Italy
Experience required: 3-4 years


Company: Registered users only
Contact person: Registered users only
Company website: Registered users only

Areas of Expertise Required:

 Websites-Database/Ecommerce Development (Dynamic)
 Websites-Graphics (banners, icons, buttons)
 Websites-InfoBrochure (Standard HTML, CSS)
 Websites-Flash (Intros, banners, animation)
 Websites - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
 HTML, XML, CSS Coding

Job Description:

We have a short term contractual opportunity for SharePoint Developer . This resource will be working at our client site at Rome in Italy. Developer is responsible for Sharepoint development....

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