Developer for Finland startup

Job ID: 3305
Full-time job (in office)
Approximate salary: 21$-25$ per hour
Location: Tampere, Other
Experience required: 1-2 years


Company: Registered users only
Contact person: Registered users only
Company website: Registered users only

Areas of Expertise Required:

 Ajax, Java Script Programming
 Database Design and Administration (Oracle, SQL, MSAccess)
 Embedded System Design/Programming
 Flex, Action Script Programming
 Game Programming
 J2EE Programming
 JAVA Programming
 PDAs and Handheld Devices
 PHP & MySQL Programming
 Python, Perl Programming
 Visual Basic, Delphi Programming
 Wireless Programming
 C, C++, C#, iPhone Programming
 ASP .NET Programming

Job Description:

Location: Tampere, Finland (but we don’t rule out remote working) Lempi is a next stage solution for healthcare and healthtec. We are excited to ask you to join our friendly and dedica....

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