Full-Stack Developer

david , asquiedge 
Male, born in 1980
erlangen, Germany

Preferred salary: over 26$ per hour

Part-time job (from home) work schedule
Bank electronic transfer preferred
over 5 years of experience
Good written and spoken English

Areas of Expertise and Experience

 Ajax, Java Script Programming
 Database Design and Administration (Oracle, SQL, MSAccess)
 Embedded System Design/Programming
 Flex, Action Script Programming
 Game Programming
 J2EE Programming
 JAVA Programming
 PDAs and Handheld Devices
 PHP & MySQL Programming
 Python, Perl Programming
 Visual Basic, Delphi Programming
 Wireless Programming
 C, C++, C#, iPhone Programming
 ASP .NET Programming

Language Skills & Relocation Preference

Willing to Travel: No