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Yuriy Kyrylyuk

Flash Designer
Ukraine 9$-10$ per hour 07/30/2008

Sergey Saliy

Graphic Designer
Ukraine 11$-15$ per hour 07/29/2008

Yevgen Gulenko

Web/graphic designer
Ukraine 9$-10$ per hour 07/29/2008

Alexandr Mandryka

PHP/MySQL programmer
Ukraine 9$-10$ per hour 07/28/2008

Alexandr Kutyna

DB developer
Ukraine 11$-15$ per hour 07/28/2008

Administrator Administrator

Web Designer-Developer
Ukraine 9$-10$ per hour 07/26/2008

Yurij Pidoprigora

PHP/MySQL programmer
Ukraine 16$-20$ per hour 07/26/2008
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